Eyeglass Repair Services

Because your eyeglasses are worn so many hours each day, like anything else, they are prone to wear and tear issues, along with breakage or damage to their various parts. At Hartzell Eye Specialists, we take pride in our quality eyeglass repair service, fixing your broken or damaged glasses and getting them back to you as quickly as possible.

Everyday wear and tear can result in your glasses becoming loose or no longer sitting straight on your face. Lenses become scratched. Frame paint chips or fades. The lenses can even become out of alignment. And with the price of some glasses, it’s not like you want to run out and buy a new pair.

These are our most common repairs:

  • Lens replacements (due to extensive scratching and breakage)
  • Metal frame repairs (welds, repainting)
  • Plastic frame repairs
  • Screw replacements
  • Scratch removal (within limits!)

These are the areas that we repair:

  • Bridge
  • Temples and temple tips
  • Top bar
  • End pieces
  • Eye wires/rims
  • Pad arms
  • Nose pads
  • Hinges
  • Lenses

Simply because a pair of eyeglasses seems to be irrevocably damaged doesn’t mean you should toss them and spend big money on a new pair. Let the pros at Hartzell Eye have a shot at fixing your glasses.