Fall Eyewear Trends by Krystle Morgan

By TBenedict
October 3, 2018

Fall is officially upon us, bringing cooler weather, shorter days, and new fashion trends. This is a great time to change up your look with new eyewear. Here are five fall eyewear trends being spotted on the street and fashion runways. Each of the styles featured in this blog are available for purchase in our optical shop, Optical Allusions. Our friendly, experienced opticians are available to help you select the best eyewear for your needs.


Transparent Frames

Clear plastics are a hot item on runways this year, with designers applying this trend to eyewear. These frames make a memorable statement and come in a variety of exciting colors.

The Pure Color collection from industry veteran Kasperek Optical is built

around a brilliant color scheme. This style, called “Brazen,” lives up to

its name. It features transparent color-blocked acetate with grape, teal,

and periwinkle blue.

For a more conservative look, Kasperek offers the “Shocking” style in

a clear teal and purple. Teal is pictured above.


Tortoiseshell Frames

Tortoiseshell frames have long been favored for their smart, studious look, and this season frame designers are expanding their color palette. These tortoiseshell frames come in unique color combinations that make a bold statement.


Aspex Eyewear’s Paradox Collection features a variety of funky, colorful

plastic frames designed for the daring individual who’s not afraid to try

something new. This pair, above, features a transparent blue base with a

tortoiseshell overlay.


Also from Aspex Eyewear Paradox Collection, this style features a mosaic-

like take on the classic tortoiseshell frame.


Statement Frames

Statement frames are perennial favorite of designers and fashionistas alike. Big, chunky, and bold are in. These frames feature bold, unexpected patterns and vibrant colors.

Accessory designer Vera Bradley is known for her bold, unique prints.

They’ve taken their knack for paisley and applied it to eyewear. This style can

be made to your prescription with a custom lens tint at Optical Allusions.

Statement frames aren’t just for sunglasses! This pair of rainbow striped

cat-eyes from Aspex Eyewear’s Paradox Collection is sure to make an impact.


Micro Sunnies

Small frames are making a big statement this season! Celebrities and runway models are all sporting the micro sunny look with style. Strong angles and dark lenses often accompany these streamlined frame styles.

These sleek sunglasses are playful throwback to the 1990s. Perfect for those

who aren’t fans of oversized sunglasses. The frames are a translucent

burgundy acetate. Two trends in one!



Gold Rimmed Frames

Gold eyewear never goes out of style, and this year is no exception. This the perfect option for those looking to stay on trend but shy about bright colors.

Known for being standard issue to US military since 1978, Randolph’s classic

sunglasses styles have also been a long-time celebrity favorite. Tom Cruise,

Elijah Wood, and Zac Efron have all been spotted wearing these glasses.

This style can be worn as is or be made to prescription with custom tinted

lenses to suit your needs at Optical Allusions.

Style “P3” from Randolph Eyewear, above, comes in 23K gold as well as silver.

The rounded lenses are reminiscent of vintage frame styles, making them a classic

addition to your eyewear collection. These frames can be made to your prescription

with custom tinted lenses, or worn as is.



For these frames and hundreds more, we invite you to visit our optical shop, Optical Allusions. We are open Monday through Friday, with alternating Saturday hours. No appointment is necessary. The opticians can be reached at 717-258-8737.




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